Thinking Space
Inspirating people to create seamless ideas to advance space exploration

What we do

Knowledge and education

Promoting science education in schools, including sciences relating to space and Universe Promoting PR awareness in the academia and among technical professions Education about space and space exploration

Science and business support

Supporting space related research initiatives and projects Organisation of B2B and S2B meetings, conferences and networking Inspiring interdisciplinary co-operation and knowledge transfer between businesses and institutions

Communication and inspiration

Promotion of scientific projects, including space research Developing and supporting general interest in space technology, astronomy and cosmology Dissemination and Communication for EU space and science projects (e.g. Horizon 2020)

Our mission

“The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever”.
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

We promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), because we believe that their development contributes to building and developing innovative economy. We can see how space exploration stimulates human creativity and inventiveness. That is why we work where science, technology, engineering and medicine interface and crossover, particularly in the areas of space and effective visual communication. This helps us to extend the boundaries and create new opportunities. We effectively implement the ideas.

Board of directors

Our volunteer Board of Directors is responsible for governing and setting European Space Foundations’s future directions.
They are all experts, chosen for their passion about and knowledge of space exploration.
Łukasz Wilczyński
Historian by education (with publications on space exploration) and a PR specialist.Spokesman for the Mars Society for many years, supporting various space-related initiatives [lepiej: projects] in Poland and abroad.President of Planet PR, part of the GlobalCom PR Network.Space science writer and populariser.
Tomasz Kucinski
Vice President
Engineer in the Space Research Centre of PAN (PolishAcademy of Science) and atAstronika. Currently part of a team constructing a research instrument for the NASA Mars missionInSight. Alsoactive in national space education programmes, for example youth work shops Astrobot
Mateusz Józefowicz
Member of the board
Specialist in remotesensing in archaeology and robotics in geophysics. President of Mars Society Polska and ABM Space Education. Participated in Mars simulations in the Alps and Sahara desert. Advises and participates in public consultations for the spaceindustry.