Our volunteers Management Board is responsible for setting Foundations future directions and governing of the space, rovers and robotics challenges projects. They are all experts acting because of their passion for exploration of space and Earth environment.


Łukasz Wilczyński

Łukasz Wilczyński
President of the Management Board

mobile +48 516 036 036
Kraków (Cracow, Poland)

Historian by education (with publications on space exploration) and a PR specialist. Spokesman for the Mars Society for many years, supporting various space-related initiatives and projects in Poland and abroad. Space science writer and populariser. President of Planet PR, part of the GlobalCom PR Network.


Maciej W. Iwankiewicz

Maciej ‚Matt’ Iwankiewicz
Member of the Management Board

mobile +48 601 89 2749
Warszawa (Warsaw, Poland)

Synergy of two disciplines – mechanical engineering and marketing. Supports technical and organizational innovations development. Business and marketing strategist, political marketing and public affairs adviser, sustainability and responsibility creator, speaker and trainer, writer and columnist. Professional activity leads under the brand MacIvan Ind..


Mateusz Józefowicz
Member of the Management Board

Specialist in remotesensing in archaeology and robotics in geophysics. President of Mars Society Polska and ABM Space Education. Participated in Mars simulations in the Alps and Sahara desert. Advises and participates in public consultations for the space industry.