30 May 2023

Official host candidate for IAC2026

Visit #IAC2026Poznan website: https://iac2026poznan.pl

A combined experience of the involved parties:

  • European Space Foundation (IAF member) – an experienced organiser of space related events such as European Rover Challenge,
  • POLSA (IAF member) – Polish Space Agency,
  • Poznan Convention Bureau representing Poznan City Authorities,
  • Poznan Congress Center – MTP GROUP – the venue provider with a proven track record of hosting international congresses of up to 12 000 delegates,
  • THE WAY – the company that deals with comprehensive event production,
  • COTI CONFERENCE – a DMC company.



  • Poland is a rapidly developing market in space technology with the strategy of increasing investment in military and civil areas.
  • We are an essential player in the space sector due to our geopolitical location in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Poland is a member of several initiatives aiming to deepen regional cooperation in space, primarily related to infrastructure, transport, energy, digital communication, and developing technology such as The Visegrad Group (V4) brings together the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary and The Three Seas Initiative unites twelve European Union countries near the Baltic, Black, and Adriatic seas.



  • The Polish space sector contains nearly 400 entities (companies and institutes). Of these, 300 cooperate with ESA daily, including over 150 directly involved in projects.
  • Industrial entities in the Polish space sector consist mainly of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), several branches of key European companies in the space sector, and large companies operating in the ICT and aviation industries.
  • Employment in the sector has also increased, estimated at approximately 12,000 job positions.
  • Space SMEs in Poland specializing in the following domains:
    • control and robotics,
    • mechatronics,
    • onboard power supply systems,
    • optics and communication systems for satellites,
    • scientific sensors and soil penetrators for space probes,
    • space and ground software
    • software testing systems and subsystems of objects placed into orbit in outer space,



  • Since 2012, Poland has been a full member of the European Space Agency (ESA), actively participating in EU, ESA, EUMETSAT, and EDA programs in research, space technology, and satellite technology.
  • Cooperation with NASA – Poland is the 13th signatory of the Artemis Accords declaration.
  • Poland closely cooperates with European and national space agencies.



  • Apparatus provided by Polish companies have been used in over 80 space missions of ESA and NASA, e.g., Rosetta/Philae, EXO Mars, Cassini/Huygens, Solar Orbiter, BEPI COLOMBO.
  • Poland plans to send the first orbital mission to the Moon by 2030. Work is already well advanced.
  • Poland has launched into space over 16 satellites, and a few more are waiting in line.
  • We have one of the most extensive satellite survey-tracking telescopes worldwide.



  • 150 000 sqm of conference and indoor/outdoor exhibition space
  • Over 40 breakout rooms – from 20 to 1200 pax – that offer flexible solutions to conference organisers
  • Plenary hall for 1800 pax
  • 16 modular and customizable exhibition halls of varied style and function linekd by covered walkaways
  • Parking grouund for 2000 cars and undergournd parking for 650 cars
  • City center location, at the heart of Poznan public transport network – railway and bus station, fast tram line and city buses
  • 20 min from the airport and 10 min from the Old Town


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