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BY Lukasz Wilczynski
Have you ever wondered how the future gardens on Moon or Mars will look like? Or maybe you’re an artist and start to think about how your career will look in the forthcoming Space Era?
BY Lukasz Wilczynski
Have you ever wondered what is the most popular alcohol… in space? You can find out all about it from the conversation of Łukasz Wilczyński, the author of the Space Talks vlog with Chris Carberry, the CEO of Explore Mars, Inc.
BY Kamil Muzyka
One of the primary contexts in which space mining appears in the public discourse is space law. The most common question raised is “Is space mining even legal?”.
BY Lukasz Wilczynski
For the first time in over a decade, the European Space Agency (ESA) is seeking new astronauts. So if you ever dreamed to become an astronaut, here’s your chance with ESA. But remember to have a “Plan B”. Why? More in this video.
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