How to design a garden on the Moon? Space Talks with Prof. Chris Welch

Have you ever wondered how the future gardens on Moon or Mars will look like? Or maybe you’re an artist and start to think about how your career will look in the forthcoming Space Era? And it was some of the key themes of my conversation with Prof. Chris Welch from International Space University in Strasbourg, France.

Chris is a Professor of Space Engineering, Head of the Space Payloads Laboratory, and Director of the MSc in Space Studies at the ISU, and recently elected President of the British Interplanetary Society. He’s also a former Vice-President of the International Astronautical Federation and a board member of the World Space Week Association.

Although technically a physicist-turned-engineer, Chris considers himself a ‘spaceist,’ interested in all aspects of space. His main interests are in space systems and space exploration, all from an interdisciplinary perspective. Chris also has extensive media experience, having given more than 300 live interviews, and has advised several media companies on space-related television shows and films.


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