STEAM Projects

European Space Foundation was selected by Pratt & Whitney and the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) as a winner of the 2023 Pratt & Whitney Global E-STEM Awards for our project “How do we know the climate is changing?“ and commitment to advancing environmental, science, technology, engineering, and math (E-STEM) education programs.
From its very beginning, initiated during the European Rover Challenge 2021 event and then followed by workshops at school during spring semester, the project “How do we know that climate changing?” enjoyed great interest and success. During the ERC and at schools we trained more than 5650 people.
It’s 2077. We have been expanding our presence on Mars, which involves trial missions, in-depth research, terrain checking, the first human landing on the surface of the Red Planet and the creation of a scientific base, for several decades now. Driven by curiosity and the desire to learn and expand human possibilities of adapting to new living conditions, we decide to establish colonies on Mars...
U.S. Embassy Warsaw and the European Space Foundation, in cooperation with the Polish Space Agency and Venture Café, cordially invite you to Mars Colony Hackathon, March 4-6, 2022 at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Warsaw, Poland.
We all can intuitively see that the climate is changing, but very few of us truly understand how exactly scientists are measuring those changes on a global scale. This lack of knowledge leads to mistrust in science and climate change denialism. 7th edition of the European Rover Challenge become a great opportunity to meet with international experts and scientists, take part in workshops and expand our environmental awareness.
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