17 March 2021

We are the patron of the boardgame “Beyond Humanity: AstroMiners”

Are you a gamer? We all are and also like to play board games. That is why we took patronage over the board game “Beyond Humanity: AstroMiners.” We are glad that we can support this initiative and thus education in space activities, which are part of the mission of our Foundation.

The game’s theme is the exploitation of asteroid resources to fulfill the demands of corporations involved in space exploration. Players manage competitive teams of specialists: miners-astronauts, automatons, geologists, and inspectors, plan various missions and choose the right makeup of crews on mining barges to exploit the desired resources effectively. According to the current knowledge of science about potential mining missions in space, players earn seven resources: water, xenon, plastal, tungsten, nickel, palladium, and gold, on three different types of asteroids: M-type, S-type, and C-type. 

The patronage covers the first release of the game, which is not yet in production. It is a newly formed product that is being implemented thanks to Poland’s crowdfunding campaign on Wspieram.to website. The project has become a joint undertaking of the author, the publisher, and supporting communities. 

Though the first crowdfunding campaign is targeted at Poland, producers will probably scale the project and go abroad as soon as the first part of the games will hit the market, and they will collect all the feedback regarding it.  


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